Why London Serviced Apartments Love Your Feedback

Guest FeedbackWhether you’re staying at our luxury serviced apartments in Cannon Street, Spitalfields or at any of our other top Central London locations, your feedback -both positive and negative- can really help Smart City deliver an even better service for you and your fellow guests.

Worried about leaving us a review if you’ve spotted something we could improve on? Enjoyed your stay but haven’t thought about dropping us a line to tell us so? Trust us when we tell you, you’d be doing us a huge favour by getting in touch.

Not sure how you can help us do any even better job? Here’s just a few reasons why Smart City love your feedback on our London serviced apartments.

You Can Spot the Things we May Miss

Though we certainly spend an awful lot of time making sure that our serviced apartments in Central London are in top quality condition, we do admit that there are sometimes when we may overlook something. After all, we’re only human, and given that we do spend so much time in our apartments, we do sometimes overlook things that a fresh pair of eyes can spot much easier than we could.

If you do spot something you don’t think is right, we’ll only be grateful that you let us know. That way, we can tend to the issue as soon as possible, and provide you with an even more enjoyable stay.

Your Ideas and Suggestions Could Make a Big Difference

IMG_2025Behind the scenes at Smart City, our team are always looking for new ways that we can make our service better and provide even greater value for your hard earned money. Yet that’s not to say we’ve shut ourselves off from outside suggestions.

Even if you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your time with us but have your own ideas on how we could make your stay all the more perfect the next time round, do get in touch or leave us a review. Even the smallest of suggestions could make a big difference to the quality experience we pride ourselves on at Smart City.

Those Considering Booking a Serviced Apartment Find Out What it’s Really Like

It goes without saying that we think our accommodation in places like City Road, Moorgate and Covent Garden rank among the very best serviced apartments in Central London, and we’re only too happy to tell anybody who’ll listen just how good we are.

Yet think about when you came to book with us in the first place. Did you take our word as gospel, or did you first go out and read other independent reviews before making your decision? We’re willing to bet it was the latter. After all, what you really wanted was to get a first hand experience from a fellow guest about what it’s really like to stay at Smart City.

Having done so, wouldn’t it be nice to return the favour and leave us a review of your own?

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