What You Need to Know About the London Underground Pre-Christmas Tube Strike

london-underground-pre-christmas-tube-strikeDecember, it’s a time when many guests at our Central London serviced apartments join us to indulge in a spot of luxury Christmas shopping, to take in a West End show, or simply to soak up the unique, festive atmosphere that permeates the capital at this time of year.

Yet if you’re planning to do all that over the coming week, there’s something important that you need to be aware of:

Transport for London are planning a pre-Christmas tube strike which could impact your stay with us.

Below, Smart City Apartments outline all the details of the early-December strike, how it might affect your time at our Central London serviced apartments, and what alternatives are available.

When is the Strike Taking Place?

In late November, the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) Union announced that tube drivers will stage a 24-hour walkout from 9.30pm on Tuesday, December 6th, to 9.29pm on Wednesday, December 7th, 2017.

Which London Underground Lines Are Affected by the Strike?

a-london-underground-signThe good news, is that only two of the eleven lines are impacted. These are the Piccadilly Line, and the Hammersmith & City Line.

The bad news, is that these do connect stations close to several of our luxury self-catering apartments in Central London.

Will This Impact How I reach My London Serviced Apartment?

Two of our seven Central London locations are going to be impacted more than others. These are our luxury holiday apartments in Covent Garden, and our serviced apartments in Spitalfields, served by Covent Garden Station and Liverpool Street Station respectively.

If you’re travelling to London via train and arriving at London Euston, your nearest Underground station is Euston Square. Please note that this does serve the Hammersmith & City Line, though you should be able to plan an alternative route to any of our apartments via the Circle and Metropolitan lines, switching where necessary to reach the closest station to your apartment.

What Alternatives do I Have for Travelling Around London During the Tube Strike?

Again, there’s good news here, as you actually have a number of alternatives for getting around. Since all lines not affected by the strike will be running as normal, travelling via the London Underground is still possible, even for those staying with us at our serviced apartments in Spitalfields.

For those staying in Spitalfields, Liverpool Street Station also serves the Central, Circle, and Metropolitan lines. Aldgate Station is also less than a ten minute walk away, connecting services on the Circle and Metropolitan Line.

What About Busses and Overground Transport?

This should all be running as normal. During the last strike, Transport for London actually put on more busses to cope with the excess demand, and are likely to do so again during the strike on December 6th – 7th.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Only that it always pays to plan your journey throughout London well in advance, and that you should expect available Underground lines and bus routes to busier than usual.

Though only the Hammersmith & City and Piccadilly lines are affected by the strike, these do happen to be two of the busier lines on the network, so alternative travel routes are likey to be in high demand whilst these are out of action.

Whichever one of our six Central London locations you’re staying at this December, and whatever your reason for visiting the capital, all of us at Smart City Apartments wish you a very safe and enjoyable visit. If you need further advice on how to reach your chosen location via public transport, see the Transport for London website or call our enquiry line now on 020 7952 6088.

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