Top 5 New Travel Apps to Make the Most of Your Weekend Break in London

top-5-new-travel-appsRegular visitors to our Central London serviced apartments may already be familiar with a number of leading apps designed to help you make the most of your time in the capital. From booking a table at a top restaurant to navigating the often confusing world of the Underground network, as the saying goes, there’s an app for that.

Yet whilst you’ve been busy launching that trusty London tube map on your Iphone, or securing your seat at an exclusive eatery using a service like TopTable, app makers have continued to up their game, releasing a plethora of ingenious ideas to help both tourists and business travellers alike make the most of their time in the city.

Below, Smart City Apartments pick out just give of the best new travel apps released for iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphones, all available to download in time for your next weekend break at our Central London serviced apartments.

Cities Talking

Regular London visitors are likely already familiar with the numerous walking tours taking place throughout the city. We’ve even covered several of them in the past here on the Smart City Apartments blog.

From spooky strolls among some of London’s most haunted hot spots, to the famous rock ‘n’ roll tour, where you revisit some of the biggest moments in British music, London walking tours are an ideal way to explore the capital in a short space of time, all whilst gaining fascinating insights into London’s rich history from a local expert.

That said, what if you’re the type who would much prefer to head off on an adventure at the spare of the moment? What if you just happen to have a short window of free time which doesn’t coincide with any regularly scheduled walking tours?

You download Cities Talking, that’s what. Recommended to us by numerous guests at our Central London serviced apartments over the past several months, this easy to use app provides access to a host of downloadable walking tours, and most of them are really incredibly good.

The app is free to download on both iTunes and Google Play, though there is usually a small fee (usually around £4.99) to download the actual tour guides.

Download Cities Talking from – http://www.citiestalking.com/

Cool Cousins

cool-cousinsHands down one of our favourite apps of the moment, Cool Cousin again offers access to curated maps of Central London, albeit this time with a notable difference.

The maps are individually curated by individuals from a broad cross section of cultures, lifestyles, and scenes.

Let’s say for example, that you’re staying with us at our Covent Garden serviced apartments to enjoy a spot of high brow culture and entertainment at the several world renowned theatres nearby. You use Cool Cousin to find a local Covent Garden resident with similar tastes and interests, and follow their suggestions for the best places to go, things to see and do, top restaurants and more.

At time of writing, this wonderful free travel app was sadly only available for iPhone users, but if that applies to you, it’s one we definitely recommend.

Download Cool Cousin from https://www.coolcousin.com

Happy Cow Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

An essential download for vegetarians and vegans who don’t want to waste time on their London weekend break looking for somewhere to eat, the Happy Cow app does exactly as its name implies, and directs you straight to the best places for meat-free eating wherever you happen to be in London.

More than just a map, the app not only pinpoints local vegetarian / vegan restaurants, but also provides descriptions and useful reviews.

Download Happy Cow from https://www.happycow.net/


Walc is one of favourite ways to get around the city without relying on the names of streets and roads. After all, in a place as constantly bustling and busy as Central London, it isn’t always possible -let alone easy- to see that street sign in a crowd full of people.

Walc eliminates that problem by directing you using local landmarks such as “turn right at the Costa Coffee in front of you,” and even asks first to make sure you can actually see the landmark it is pointing out. Great for navigating your way to our Central London serviced apartments when you first arrive off the train.

Download Walc from http://www.walc.me/


One for the business travellers next, this top travel app was originally recommended to us by a guest at our executive apartments in Canary Wharf, and we’ve been recommending it ourselves to everyone we meet ever since.

Expensify eliminates the hassle and headache of tracking business travel expenses whilst on the go, allowing you to easily capture receipts, tickets, travel time and mileage so that you can easily create and submit expense claims.

Winner of multiple awards for the best expense reporting app on the market, Expensify is available for free across all major platforms.

Do you have a favourite travel app for using when you arrive in London? Why not let us know via our Facebook page so that we can share your suggestions with fellow Smart City Apartments guests. Join us online today, and in return, we’ll provide you with regular news, reviews, and information to help you really make the most of your weekend break in London.

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