How to plan the perfect weekend when staying in a Covent Garden Luxury Apartment

Covent Garden ApartmentsThough some of our apartments are ideal for business guests and others for those looking for somewhere to stay on an overnight shopping trips, few make the ideal place to base yourself for a weekend London getaway quite like our Covent Garden luxury apartments.

Quietly tucked to give you some much welcomed peace and quiet, it only takes a minutes’ walk from Hanover Place to find yourself amongst the vibrancy, the beauty, and the larger-than-life characters that make Covent Garden such a well loved part of Central London.

If you’re coming to stay with us at Hanover Place over the next few months but haven’t quite managed to get your itinerary together, here’s just a few suggestions on how to plan the perfect weekend break when staying in a Covent Garden luxury apartment.

Relax and Refresh

It’s Friday afternoon, you’ve finally completed your long journey to London. By now, you’re feeling tired, and yet at the same time excited to begin your perfect London break in Covent Garden …Read More

Why London Serviced Apartments Love Your Feedback

Guest FeedbackWhether you’re staying at our luxury serviced apartments in Cannon Street, Spitalfields or at any of our other top Central London locations, your feedback -both positive and negative- can really help Smart City deliver an even better service for you and your fellow guests.

Worried about leaving us a review if you’ve spotted something we could improve on? Enjoyed your stay but haven’t thought about dropping us a line to tell us so? Trust us when we tell you, you’d be doing us a huge favour by getting in touch.

Not sure how you can help us do any even better job? Here’s just a few reasons why Smart City love your feedback on our London serviced apartments.

You Can Spot the Things we May Miss

Though we certainly spend an awful lot of time making sure that our serviced apartments in Central London are in top quality condition, we do admit that there are sometimes when we may overlook something. After all, we’re only human, and given that we do spend so much time …Read More

Top Four Reasons to Book a London Bridge Luxury Apartment for London Tourists

The London BridgeThough all of our central London city apartments are ideal for both leisure and business travellers alike, few are quite as well suited for your next sightseeing trip to the capital as our luxury, modern studios and apartments in London Bridge.

Providing the exact same level of comfort, style and affordability as our apartments in top London locations like City Road, our London Bridge suites take things even one step further than that; acting as the ideal accommodation for London tourists who need an attractive, peaceful homebase to return to in between visiting some of London’s most famous monuments and attractions.

If you’re heading to the English Capital for pleasure or sightseeing then, here’s our top four reasons why a London Bridge luxury apartment is ideal for London tourists.

Excellent local transport links

First and foremost, if you’re travelling around London visiting all those world-renowned locations, you’re going to need an easy way to get around. With Smart City, you’ve got just the thing; our London Bridge serviced apartments are only a short three minute walk …Read More

Why City Road Serviced Apartments Make the Ideal Accommodation for London Business Travellers

Serviced Apartments LondonThanks to its close proximity to the epicentre of UK business, City Road, London and its nearby apartments are frequently populated by business travellers. On any given day of the week, scores of folks debark from London Euston, Heathrow Airport or Victoria and make their way to the area to attend meetings, oversee projects and thrash out those big negotiations.

If you’re one of them, it’s likely that you’ll need a quality place to stay whilst you’re in Central London. Sure, you could book into a hotel for those short-term, flying visits, and you could even go the whole way of getting into the property rentals market if you’re around for a while.

But why do that when you’ve got the best of both worlds at a much lower cost by staying in one of Smart City’s luxury serviced apartments.

Not sure if they’re the right choice for your next stay? Here’s just a few reasons why City Road serviced apartments make the ideal accommodation …Read More

Your Guide to Staying at Smart City Apartments for the First Time

Serviced Apartments LondonSo, you’ve booked your first stay at Smart City’s apartments in Cannon Street, Moorgate or any of our other prime Central London locations, and you’re looking forward to basking in the relaxing ambience, taking advantage of all the mod cons and generally enjoying the very height of London living.

Yet you’re one of those people who can’t help but wonder what it’s really like staying in a serviced apartment, and now you’re on the look out for few pointers. Fear ye not, treasured guest, as below, we present you with your guide to staying at Smart City Apartments for the first time.

A unique check-in service

If you’re used to standard hotel check-ins where you roll up to the front desk and swap your credit card for a room-access card, you may be in for a bit of a surprise when you book with Smart City. Whether you’re staying at our London Bridge luxury apartments or anywhere else across London, we provide a unique check-in service that offers you greater freedom and flexibility.

We value independence just as much as you do, which is why we don’t tie you down to specific check-in times …Read More

Why Choose A Serviced Apartment over Renting a Home for Long-Term Stays in London?

Serviced Apartments LondonFor many Smart City Apartment guests, coming down to London is normally a short-term arrangement. Perhaps it’s a week here to see the sights, a day or two there to attend that important meeting or business conference, then back to the comfort of your own home again.

Yet as many of our long-term guests would tell you, not all London visits are exactly like that, and there’s a good number of reasons why you may need a more long-term arrangement when staying in the capital. Perhaps you’re overseeing the launch of your company’s latest Central London location, working on a short-term contract in the city, or simply coming to be closer to friends and family for a few months.

Whatever the reason, you may well be tempted to go the whole way and rent out a property, a home away from home if you will, something that will truly feel like it’s yours until you’re ready to leave London again.

Before you starting diving into Zoopla however, here’s a few reasons why you’ll be better off choosing a serviced apartment for your long-term stay in London …Read More

Moving to London for a new job? A serviced apartment at Smart City Apartments is the perfect solution for your temporary accommodation

Serviced Apartments LondonMoving house is recognised as one of the most stressful events in life. Moving to London can be even more stressful when you think about the size of the city and the sheer choice of where you can live, and how you are going to afford what you need.

Unless you are fortunate enough to have the time and money to be able to thoroughly research and plan your move before it happens then it can feel impossible to find the perfect home, at the right price in the right timescale.

Buying a home in London is expensive; there is no getting away from it. It is also a huge commitment that should not be taken lightly and a time consuming one at that. There are many properties in London which are sold leasehold rather than freehold, a small detail maybe, but one that can potentially add weeks onto the already time consuming process of buying a house. Renting a property may …Read More