Enjoy Exclusive Discounts on Soho Self-Catering Apartments When Visiting London for the New Harry Potter Show

Harry-Potter-and-the-cursed-child-in-LondonFollowing months of excitement and anticipation, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child -the eighth installment of J.K Rowling’s groundbreaking franchise- finally hit the stage at the Palace Theatre near Soho this past July.
Since then, tickets for the two-part performance have been in seriously high demand, though if you’re one of the fortunate few lucky enough to have landed your hands on some, there’s now only one thing you need to really make the most of your magical weekend in London:

Quality self-catering apartments near the West End Palace Theatre, London.

That’s where we come in. At Smart City, we’ve just released details of our latest discount deals on luxury accommodation in Soho’s Oxford Street, just over five minutes away from the home of the new Harry Potter play.

Early Booking and Smart Launch Special Offers on Self-Catering Apartments in Soho, London

If you were really on the ball before Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets became harder to get hold of than a unicorn’s horn, you no doubt secured yours well in advance. That wasn’t the only time booking early …Read More

Five Reasons Why London Self-Catering Apartments offer Better Value for Families than Hotels

Covent Garden ApartmentsSo, you’ve done all the research, you’ve planned your itinerary, and you’re almost ready to treat the kids to that once-in-lifetime family holiday in London.

Now all that’s left to do is to find somewhere to stay. Sure, you’ve looked at top London hotel accommodation, but the price alone is enough to make you seriously reconsider the whole trip.

Thankfully, there is a better option.

Self-catering apartments in Central London actually provide much better value for money on your family holiday than even the city’s most well-known budget hotel chains ever could.

Here’s just five reasons why:

Stay together in one spacious apartment

Whether your next London city break is just for you, your partner, and the children, or whether you’re bringing along the whole extended family, it goes without saying that a single, one-bed hotel room just isn’t going to cut it. …Read More

What can I expect to find in a serviced apartment block?

Serviced Apartments LondonIt’s all very well checking into a serviced apartment under the promise of a ‘home from home’ experience, but what does that actually mean in practical terms? What should you be expecting as standard for your city break, or longer term let? Will the reality be you wishing you’d bought lots of items from home, or constantly nipping out to purchase things you assumed would be included?

And then there’s the actual fixtures and fittings, and the condition of the block or building itself. Sometimes, self catering can seem like the poor relation of a hotel break and can occasionally conjure up thoughts of past-its-best furnishing in accommodation which bears visible testament to the number of people it’s had through its doors. Not so much on-trend shabby chic, more just shabby! And while you want your stay to have all your creature comforts and feel like a home rather than a sterile, soulless box, you also want to enjoy those touches of luxe living and pristine standards of upkeep and cleanliness reminiscent of a top hotel.

…Read More

Self-catering with kids – making the most of a serviced apartment with children in tow

Travelling with Children in LondonTravelling with children can always be a bit of a minefield, especially if you are planning a trip to London. There is so much to consider from how to get there, where to stay and what to do. And from a parents’ perspective, the need for everything from the accommodation to the days out and excursions to be ‘child friendly’.

London is a very child-friendly city, but there are lots of things you can do to make your trip to the capital with your family even easier. Choosing to stay at a serviced apartment, for example. Unlike a hotel-based break, self-catering accommodation allows your children to keep to their familiar routines when it comes to meal times and bedtimes, and for many mums and dads, that makes them the obvious family choice when booking a stay in London.

And once your city accommodation is sorted. there are lots of other little parenting tricks you can deploy to make sure your stay goes smoothly, and that your children readily adapt to their new, temporary home.

Because young children are creatures of habit who love and need familiarity, be sure to take some of their favourite possessions from home to make their stay more enjoyable – if they always snooze with a particular cushion or blanket, pop it in your suitcase – it’s the little things that give youngsters comfort and security.

Show your children pictures of where you are staying before arrival – even the youngest toddler will …Read More

Easy and healthy meals to prepare in your Smart City kitchen

Stir fryCongratulations for making the choice to stay in a Smart City Apartment rather than a hotel, you’ve taken the first step into ensuring that your visit to London is as flexible as possible – you will find that by staying with us you can do what you want, when you want and your stay will be on your terms. This is especially important for people travelling with families or young children, where having to fit in with the routine of a hotel can be difficult.

One of the biggest advantages of staying in a Smart City Apartment is the fact that you can choose how you eat your meals. You can eat out at cafes and restaurants or you can prepare your own food in the fully fitted kitchen that is provided for you. Here you will find everything that you need to be able to cook whatever you want to eat.

The idea of cooking for yourself while away from home is not always appealing but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Each one of the Smart City locations is close to the local amenities, which will allow you to buy whatever food and other essentials that you need. When you return to your apartment after a busy day out and about in London, you will want to be able to prepare meals that are quick, healthy and tasty. Here are a few ideas …Read More

How to make the most of your Stay with Smart City Accommodation?

Smart City AccommodationWhen you choose to stay in a Smart City Apartment you will find yourself in the perfect environment for a relaxing and enjoyable stay in London. Deciding to book a hotel apartment over a traditional hotel is a wise move, there are many benefits which will help you to make the most of your stay, we’ve listed the top 7 here.

1 – A Smart City apartment is a self-catering unit, you will be completely in control of both your money and how you choose to spend your time. You will not be hit with extra fees when you check out, the price you are quoted at the beginning of the visit and pay when you book is the final price. There are no minibars or other services which you don’t use to bump up the price of your stay and you can choose whether to cook for yourself in your fully fitted kitchen or eat out at a restaurant if you prefer. This helps your budget stretch so much further than if you were staying in a hotel where you would have to buy dinner out every night.

2 – You will get more for your money in an apartment than in a hotel. A hotel is limited with the amount of space that it can offer its guests and if you want to relax at the end of a busy day you will need to do so either in the moderately sized bedroom …Read More

Hotels Vs Serviced Apartments

If you have always stayed in hotels when you visit London or other cities then you may not be sure why you should try out a Smart City serviced apartment for your next trip. We’ve prepared a comparison of hotels and serviced apartments so that you can easily see the benefits and advantages of both options.

Meal TimingsMealtimes

Hotels – you will need to eat at set times and choose from set menus when eating at your hotel.

Serviced apartment – you can choose to prepare your own food at a time which suits you, or you can eat out at a restaurant or enjoy a takeaway in the privacy of your own apartment.


Hotels – can be an expensive option, especially if you want the flexibility of being able to invite family, friends or business associates to stay with you.

Serviced apartment – The cost of a serviced apartment is more reasonable than an equivalent luxury hotel and you have the flexibility of being able to entertain your guests in your own living and dining area at no extra cost. …Read More

How to save money with Smart City Self Catering Holiday Apartments?

  • Enviable locations
  • Reasonable price
  • You are in control of your money
  • No hidden charges / no hidden extras
  • No long term commitments
  • Cost effective living
  • The affordable alternative to a luxury hotel

Visiting London can be the experience of a lifetime, but it is not a cheap city to spend time in. If you are planning a visit the capital for either business or pleasure you will want to make sure that you get the best value for your money, leaving you in a position where you get to work or visit the main attractions and choose where to eat out each night without always having to worry about spending over your budget.

It is important to be centrally located, you don’t want to waste too much of your day on public transport but this can often mean choosing an expensive hotel. London hotels can be incredibly pricy, and when you factor in the formal hotel dining room timings and dress codes – you can see that a smarter way to visit London would be to choose a serviced apartment which guarantees you the informality of living in a (luxurious) home environment.

Regardless of whether it’s for a short term let or for an extended stay in London, Smart City Apartments offer the business traveller both a great cost advantage and a more personal approach over the …Read More