How Smart City Luxury Apartments Can Help You Reduce Your Business Expenses

Business StayLet’s face it, if your company could get away with it, there’d never be so much as a penny on the business expense account. After all, isn’t one of the key reasons they went into business in the first place to make money, rather than spend it?

Still, as with most things in life, spending money is a necessary evil in the business world, especially when there’s those big contract negotiations and networking conferences in Central London to attend to.

If you’ve ever stayed over in the capital before, you know just how expensive this can be. Factor in travel costs, accommodation and even daily subsistence allowances, and your business expense account soon takes a battering.

Not that it necessarily has to be this way. Here’s just a few ways that Smart City’s luxury apartments can help you and your company …Read More

Booking Now: Celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night with Smart City this November

Guy Fawkes’ NightRemember, remember, the fifth of November, especially if you’re planning a stay in London this autumn.

Whether you’re looking to see the historical sights where Guy Fawkes’ attempted to blow up the British Houses of Parliament, or to celebrate his ultimate failure by attending any of the top firework displays in London, there’s few better ways to spend that early November week in London with a stay in the warm, comfortable surroundings of the luxury city centre apartments offered by Smart City.

Each of our serviced apartment buildings are located in some London’s most sought-after locations, all a short walk or tube ride from the capitals most famous monuments, places of interest and Guy Fawkes’ night celebrations.

It’s for this reason that so many of our regular guests have already been flooding the phone lines and blowing up our online booking form to make sure they’ve got their place reserved to celebrate this centuries-old tradition right in the very same place where it all began. Yet worry not, dear readers; we’re pleased to announce that we do still have …Read More