Why Choose A Serviced Apartment over Renting a Home for Long-Term Stays in London?

Serviced Apartments LondonFor many Smart City Apartment guests, coming down to London is normally a short-term arrangement. Perhaps it’s a week here to see the sights, a day or two there to attend that important meeting or business conference, then back to the comfort of your own home again.

Yet as many of our long-term guests would tell you, not all London visits are exactly like that, and there’s a good number of reasons why you may need a more long-term arrangement when staying in the capital. Perhaps you’re overseeing the launch of your company’s latest Central London location, working on a short-term contract in the city, or simply coming to be closer to friends and family for a few months.

Whatever the reason, you may well be tempted to go the whole way and rent out a property, a home away from home if you will, something that will truly feel like it’s yours until you’re ready to leave London again.

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Why Book a Serviced Apartment in London for Your Business’ VIP Guests

Serviced Apartments LondonHome to many of Britain’s leading organisations, London is frequently visited by business travellers from across the UK and beyond.

In some cases, they may well be heading to the capital of their own accord, perhaps to attend a conference or to make those all-important connections that can really help their business to blossom. Yet more often than not, those business travellers make their way to London as VIP guests of your company.

Whether they’re existing clients or potential new partners, in order to present a successful image for your company, it makes sense that you want only the very best for those VIPS, especially when it comes to their accommodation.

You could put them up in a top hotel, but why do that when your guests could really be living the life of luxury in a serviced apartment at top London locations like Covent Garden and City Road?

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What can I expect to find in a serviced apartment block?

Serviced Apartments LondonIt’s all very well checking into a serviced apartment under the promise of a ‘home from home’ experience, but what does that actually mean in practical terms? What should you be expecting as standard for your city break, or longer term let? Will the reality be you wishing you’d bought lots of items from home, or constantly nipping out to purchase things you assumed would be included?

And then there’s the actual fixtures and fittings, and the condition of the block or building itself. Sometimes, self catering can seem like the poor relation of a hotel break and can occasionally conjure up thoughts of past-its-best furnishing in accommodation which bears visible testament to the number of people it’s had through its doors. Not so much on-trend shabby chic, more just shabby! And while you want your stay to have all your creature comforts and feel like a home rather than a sterile, soulless box, you also want to enjoy those touches of luxe living and pristine standards of upkeep and cleanliness reminiscent of a top hotel.

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Working from your serviced apartment – how to keep motivated when working from ‘home’!

Serviced Apartments LondonIf you are staying in London for business rather than pleasure, a serviced apartment will most certainly offer a more favourable working environment than a hotel! Here’s why…

Even if you have checked into the most luxurious 5 star hotel for the duration of your stay, trying to work from one is vastly different to relaxing in one as a pleasure visitor.

Many travel-weary business people know only too well that trying to turn their hotel room into a makeshift office is rarely successful. And even if your accommodation has a dedicated business centre for your use, it can still be a fraught affair. And don’t even think about trying to work from a bustling hotel lobby – that usually very promptly ends up in frequent decampments to the local coffee shop (which will be even more chaotic!).

So why doesn’t it work? Well, there’s the constant noise interruptions for starters, and the coming and going of other users. If you are valiantly trying to crunch numbers or prepare a document from a laptop on your knee in a communal area, having your reverie pierced by fractious children (or adults!) and a background cacophony …Read More

The benefits of Smart City Serviced Apartments for Business Travellers

weston-street-apartments-300x200If you are a regular business traveller you will know that sometimes a hotel is the last place you want to find yourself at the end of a busy day in meetings or working in an unfamiliar location. The stresses of business travel are high and although it can be seen as a luxury to be able to stay in a hotel, sometimes you would prefer a more personal place to stay with more flexibility and space .

If you choose a Smart City serviced apartment for your business trip to London you will find the following benefits:

  • You can choose your own mealtimes and eat in the luxury of your own space and not at a table alone in a hotel bar or restaurant.
  • Instead of having to relax publicly in a hotel bar or sit in the same small room as you are sleeping in, you can unwind at your own pace in the lounge area of your apartment.
  • The cost of renting a Smart City serviced apartment is cheaper than a comparable hotel stay and if you take advantage of our special offers and book your stay through our website the savings will be even greater.
  • You can choose to cook for yourself in your own fully fitted kitchen if you do not want to eat out, or order a takeaway to eat in your own dining area. You will find everything you need in the kitchen from pots and pansto glasses and cutlery.
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Hotels Vs Serviced Apartments

If you have always stayed in hotels when you visit London or other cities then you may not be sure why you should try out a Smart City serviced apartment for your next trip. We’ve prepared a comparison of hotels and serviced apartments so that you can easily see the benefits and advantages of both options.

Meal TimingsMealtimes

Hotels – you will need to eat at set times and choose from set menus when eating at your hotel.

Serviced apartment – you can choose to prepare your own food at a time which suits you, or you can eat out at a restaurant or enjoy a takeaway in the privacy of your own apartment.


Hotels – can be an expensive option, especially if you want the flexibility of being able to invite family, friends or business associates to stay with you.

Serviced apartment – The cost of a serviced apartment is more reasonable than an equivalent luxury hotel and you have the flexibility of being able to entertain your guests in your own living and dining area at no extra cost. …Read More