Behind the Scenes at Smart City: A day in the life of our 24 hour support team

Smart City Serviced ApartmentsHave you ever noticed that when you’ve stayed at Smart City’s Central London serviced apartments in the past, everything seems to somehow happen by magic?

The apartments themselves are in tip top condition when you arrive, there’s fresh linen and towels available whenever you need them, and whenever there’s a problem, a member of the support team arrives so quickly you’d be forgiven for thinking they were waiting outside your apartment door the whole time.

Though we’d love to tell you all of this really does happen by magic, that we’ve somehow stolen a couple of potions from Hogwarts to make our whole 24 hour support team one of the most highly efficient and well regarded in London, that’s sadly not the case.

Early morning

The sun slowly rises over Central London, casting a gentle glow over our city centre serviced apartments where our guests sleep soundly in their big, comfortable beds …Read More