London’s Secret Spaces – Five Hidden Places You Must Track Down on Your Next Visit

st-dunstan-in-the-east-church-gardenJust when you thought you’d seen everything there is to see on your visit to our Central London serviced apartments, the city reveals yet more of its hitherto well-hidden secrets.

From exclusive, hard-to-find contemporary art galleries, to beautiful open spaces serving as a spot of serenity in an otherwise bustling capital city, here’s Smart City Apartments guide to the five hidden places in London you must track down on your next visit.

St Dunstan in the East Church Garden

St Dunstan’s Hill, London, EC3R 5DD

A haven of tranquility hidden away just over five minutes’ walk from our luxury serviced apartments in Cannon Street, St Dunstan’s garden is well worth a visit for the architecture and flora alone.

Resplendent in an otherworldly gothic style, the gardens of this former church offer a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of busy, modern London, making it the ideal place to escape for over-worked business travellers looking to steal a few moments of serenity.

dennis-severs-18th-century-houseDennis Severs’ 18th Century House

18 Folgate Street, Spitalfields

A unique treat for guests at our serviced apartments in Spitalfields, you could walk past this mid-terraced house in Folgate Street countless times without ever guessing that behind those closed doors lies a world seemingly untouched for hundreds of years.

The house features ten separate rooms, each serving as authentic replica of London life from the early seventeen hundreds up to the outbreak of the first world war.

Yet this is more than just a museum. Step inside for the daily tour, and you’ll experience something much more akin to live theatre. As you’re guided around rooms where objects have been scattered, candles still burn, and the aromas of fresh cooking still linger, you’ll get the rather ominous feeling that the inhabitants have merely popped out for a moment and could be back at any time.

The whole tour is conducted in silence, only adding to the unique ambiance and sense of intrigue.

One not to be missed if you’re staying with us at our Spitalfields accommodation in the near future.

st-pancras-church-euston-roadThe Crypt

St Pancras Church, Euston Road, N1 4DA

Let’s head back to our serviced apartments in Cannon Street next, as we venture to one of the London’s best kept cultural secrets.

The crypt underneath St. Pancras Church was first built in 1822 as a place of interment for those laid to rest in the church itself. Long since abandoned, the spacious underground lair was renovated in 2002 to serve as a creative space for artists to make and showcase new contemporary work.

Despite being over 14 years old, The Crypt gallery still keeps a relatively low profile, making it a great place to stop off and sample some cutting edge art in a one-of-a-kind environment.

sydenham-hill-woodSydenham Hill Wood

Sydenham Hill, SE26

Think of wide, open spaces in London, and chances are your mind will turn to places like Hyde Park and Kew Gardens; areas which, as beautiful as they are, still have a little touch of the man-made about them.

To really touch base with nature on your visit to Central London, you’ll need to take the tube for a visit to the ancient woodlands of Sydenham Hill.

Located on the edge of Forest Hill, roughly 40 minutes away via tube from our serviced apartments in Spitalfields and London Bridge, these incredible, majestic woods house more than a few secrets of their own.

Pay a visit, and you’ll find yourself ambling along a winding footpath which follows the remnants of what was once a Victorian railway line.

Wander a little further, and you’ll find the ruins of a medieval monastery. En route, you’ll find wonderful wooden sculptures carved by local artists, an abundance of wildlife, flora and fauna.

the-cabinet-galleryThe Cabinet Gallery

Old Street, London

We could devote an entire blog to hidden art galleries in London, but today we’ll stick to those that just happen to be among the Smart City team’s personal favourites.

Cabinet Gallery has moved around Central London several times before settling in its current location on Old Street, a five-minute tube journey from our London Bridge serviced apartments.

Home to cutting edge contemporary artists, the gallery purposefully lays low on the publicity front, letting the pieces speak for themselves.

Discover London’s best kept secrets on your next stay with Smart City Apartments. Book your luxury accommodation online now, or call 020 7952 6088 to speak to one of our team.

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