How Smart City Luxury Apartments Can Help You Reduce Your Business Expenses

Business StayLet’s face it, if your company could get away with it, there’d never be so much as a penny on the business expense account. After all, isn’t one of the key reasons they went into business in the first place to make money, rather than spend it?

Still, as with most things in life, spending money is a necessary evil in the business world, especially when there’s those big contract negotiations and networking conferences in Central London to attend to.

If you’ve ever stayed over in the capital before, you know just how expensive this can be. Factor in travel costs, accommodation and even daily subsistence allowances, and your business expense account soon takes a battering.

Not that it necessarily has to be this way. Here’s just a few ways that Smart City’s luxury apartments can help you and your company to reduce business expenses.

High Quality at Low Costs

If you’re used to paying the high nightly fees of a top London hotel, you may be surprised to learn just how affordable it is to stay in a Central London serviced apartment. With special offers available all year round -including £10 off your final bill when you book two weeks in advance- and the most competitive accommodation prices in the Capital, you’ll already be saving big just by booking into an apartment.

Not that this is the only way you can lessen the blow on your business account when travelling for work.

Reduce the Cost of Inner-City Travel

London TransportOne of the things we love the most about London is that, despite its size, it’s possible to get from any one point to another thanks to the London Underground. Let’s be honest though, nobody really enjoys using The Tube. It’s crowded, stuffy, occasionally takes ages to get from A-B, and always costs money.

With serviced apartments situated in convenient locations such as City Road, Oxford Street and Covent Garden, when you stay with Smart City, you’re never more than a few minutes’ walk from London’s major finance, commerce and technology industries, meaning no more costly tube rides or taxi journeys.

Eat Well for Less

In our experience, most businesses who send their teams to London for business do so with enough money to at least cover an evening meal, usually at a top restaurant or food serving bar. Whilst we’re not saying those who come to the capital to conduct meetings or thrash out new deals don’t deserve to be well treated every now and again, there’s no reason why you need to pay out the same high London restaurant prices every night, not when you’re Smart City serviced apartment in Central London comes complete with a fully fitted and equipped kitchen, dining area, and convenient access to local shops and supermarkets.

Add those savings together, and you’ll soon see just how easy it is to dramatically reduce your business expenses with Smart City. To find out more about how our serviced apartments can help you to achieve your goals, email us today at info@smartcityapartments.com

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