What’s included When You Book a Smart City Serviced Apartment?

moorgate5Let’s be honest, none of us like nasty surprises, especially not when it comes to planning and booking our perfect London get-away. Yet isn’t it always the way that no matter how much you prepare in advance, there always seems to be something which threatens to put a dampener on your break?

Whether it’s a relatively minor thing like leaving behind a few essentials you’d assumed were included in the cost, or something much more serious -like major complications with your check-in, for example- both have the potential to spoil your enjoyment before you’ve even got started.

Don’t worry though. At Smart City, we hate nasty surprises too, and go all out to ensure each one of our one and two bedroom Central London serviced apartments are fully equipped to ensure you can really make the most of your city break right from the word go.

With that in mind, here’s just some of the things that come included in our low prices whenever you book a Smart City serviced apartment anywhere in London …Read More

5 Ways that Staying with Smart City is Like Having Your Own Second Home in London

IMG_2025When you’re visiting London on a long-term basis, whether that’s to carry out your business or simply to get away from it all and enjoy the vibrant city life for a while, the one thing you’re going to need above all else is a place to call your base for the duration of your stay.

Given the length of your visit, you may be tempted to take a peek at the London property market and take out a lease on rental accommodation. Or, if your budget won’t quite stretch that far, you may well be checking out top hotels in search of a good deal.

But did you know that there is a third option you may not have yet considered? At Smart City, our luxury serviced apartments in London Bridge, City Road, Moorgate and across the capital provide the very best home living at less than the cost of staying long-term in a hotel.

Not convinced it’s right for you? Here’s just five ways that staying with Smart City is like having your very own second home …Read More

Committed to Quality: Smart City’s Promise To You on Your Stay with Us

moorgate6If there’s one thing we value more than anything else at Smart City, it’s knowing that your stay with us was as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Our team are passionate about going far above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that your serviced apartment is exactly the way you’d expect it to be, and that the service you receive from us is delivered to the exceptionally high standards you deserve.

That’s why, whether you’re staying in our luxurious serviced apartments near Liverpool Street Station, over by City Road, or in any of our other top London locations, we’re committed to the quality of your stay.

With that in mind, here’s Smart City’s promise to you:

Easy, hassle-free check-in

No complicated check-in processes, no long queues at the front-desk whilst you wait for the front of house staff to find your details on a computer system then track down the key. At Smart City, we like to make things simple …Read More

Why Stay in a Serviced Apartment When Visiting London’s Totally Thames Festival This September

London’s Totally Thames FestivalThroughout the whole of September, the banks along the 42 glorious miles of the River Thames will play host to a wealth of activities, events, performances and contents, all designed to celebrate one of London’s most recognisable landmarks.
From the watersports packed activity day of Tidefest -held in conjunction with World Rivers Day- to a late night tour around the Chelsea Physic Garden, there’s practically no end of things to see, do and enjoy.

So of course, it makes sense that when you’re visiting the 2015 Totally Thames Festival, either as a tourist or as one of the countless hard-working folks who make the whole thing possible, you’re going to need somewhere to stay.

If that sounds like you, here’s just three reasons to treat yourself to a stay in a serviced apartment when visiting London’s Totally Thames Festival This September.

Easy access to the best events in town

From Oxford Road to Moorgate and all of our prime locations in between, with each one of our city apartments London and its famous transport links put the very best of the Totally Thames activities …Read More

Why Book a Serviced Apartment in London for Your Business’ VIP Guests

Serviced Apartments LondonHome to many of Britain’s leading organisations, London is frequently visited by business travellers from across the UK and beyond.

In some cases, they may well be heading to the capital of their own accord, perhaps to attend a conference or to make those all-important connections that can really help their business to blossom. Yet more often than not, those business travellers make their way to London as VIP guests of your company.

Whether they’re existing clients or potential new partners, in order to present a successful image for your company, it makes sense that you want only the very best for those VIPS, especially when it comes to their accommodation.

You could put them up in a top hotel, but why do that when your guests could really be living the life of luxury in a serviced apartment at top London locations like Covent Garden and City Road?

Not convinced it’s the right move for you? Here’s a few reasons why Smart City Apartments make the ideal …Read More

Best reasons to choose a luxury serviced apartment for business trips

Serviced Apartments for Business TripWhen you are heading to London on a business trip, there are a great many options for your accommodation. Many people will choose the traditional hotel for the simple fact that it is what their business has done for years. However, there are a multitude of other options available that allow you more convenience, comfort and a sense of being at home away from home.

Luxury serviced apartments are a more modern option that give you far more for your money and will make your business trip more convenient and comfortable throughout. So what are the main reasons to choose a luxury serviced apartment over a hotel when you are coming to London for that all important business trip.

Work from home

If you’re only in London for a short period while you are working, the chances are that you will be very busy, sometimes even having to work outside the standard 9 to 5. The last thing you will want in this case is to be sat at the end of a hotel bed with a laptop balanced on your knee …Read More

What can I expect to find in a serviced apartment block?

Serviced Apartments LondonIt’s all very well checking into a serviced apartment under the promise of a ‘home from home’ experience, but what does that actually mean in practical terms? What should you be expecting as standard for your city break, or longer term let? Will the reality be you wishing you’d bought lots of items from home, or constantly nipping out to purchase things you assumed would be included?

And then there’s the actual fixtures and fittings, and the condition of the block or building itself. Sometimes, self catering can seem like the poor relation of a hotel break and can occasionally conjure up thoughts of past-its-best furnishing in accommodation which bears visible testament to the number of people it’s had through its doors. Not so much on-trend shabby chic, more just shabby! And while you want your stay to have all your creature comforts and feel like a home rather than a sterile, soulless box, you also want to enjoy those touches of luxe living and pristine standards of upkeep and cleanliness reminiscent of a top hotel.

…Read More

Working from your serviced apartment – how to keep motivated when working from ‘home’!

Serviced Apartments LondonIf you are staying in London for business rather than pleasure, a serviced apartment will most certainly offer a more favourable working environment than a hotel! Here’s why…

Even if you have checked into the most luxurious 5 star hotel for the duration of your stay, trying to work from one is vastly different to relaxing in one as a pleasure visitor.

Many travel-weary business people know only too well that trying to turn their hotel room into a makeshift office is rarely successful. And even if your accommodation has a dedicated business centre for your use, it can still be a fraught affair. And don’t even think about trying to work from a bustling hotel lobby – that usually very promptly ends up in frequent decampments to the local coffee shop (which will be even more chaotic!).

So why doesn’t it work? Well, there’s the constant noise interruptions for starters, and the coming and going of other users. If you are valiantly trying to crunch numbers or prepare a document from a laptop on your knee in a communal area, having your reverie pierced by fractious children (or adults!) and a background cacophony …Read More

Self-catering with kids – making the most of a serviced apartment with children in tow

Travelling with Children in LondonTravelling with children can always be a bit of a minefield, especially if you are planning a trip to London. There is so much to consider from how to get there, where to stay and what to do. And from a parents’ perspective, the need for everything from the accommodation to the days out and excursions to be ‘child friendly’.

London is a very child-friendly city, but there are lots of things you can do to make your trip to the capital with your family even easier. Choosing to stay at a serviced apartment, for example. Unlike a hotel-based break, self-catering accommodation allows your children to keep to their familiar routines when it comes to meal times and bedtimes, and for many mums and dads, that makes them the obvious family choice when booking a stay in London.

And once your city accommodation is sorted. there are lots of other little parenting tricks you can deploy to make sure your stay goes smoothly, and that your children readily adapt to their new, temporary home.

Because young children are creatures of habit who love and need familiarity, be sure to take some of their favourite possessions from home to make their stay more enjoyable – if they always snooze with a particular cushion or blanket, pop it in your suitcase – it’s the little things that give youngsters comfort and security.

Show your children pictures of where you are staying before arrival – even the youngest toddler will …Read More

Easy and healthy meals to prepare in your Smart City kitchen

Stir fryCongratulations for making the choice to stay in a Smart City Apartment rather than a hotel, you’ve taken the first step into ensuring that your visit to London is as flexible as possible – you will find that by staying with us you can do what you want, when you want and your stay will be on your terms. This is especially important for people travelling with families or young children, where having to fit in with the routine of a hotel can be difficult.

One of the biggest advantages of staying in a Smart City Apartment is the fact that you can choose how you eat your meals. You can eat out at cafes and restaurants or you can prepare your own food in the fully fitted kitchen that is provided for you. Here you will find everything that you need to be able to cook whatever you want to eat.

The idea of cooking for yourself while away from home is not always appealing but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Each one of the Smart City locations is close to the local amenities, which will allow you to buy whatever food and other essentials that you need. When you return to your apartment after a busy day out and about in London, you will want to be able to prepare meals that are quick, healthy and tasty. Here are a few ideas …Read More