Smart City Apartments – Our New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

new-years-resolutions2017 is finally upon us, and that can only mean one thing: Time to set those New Year’s resolutions.

For some, it may be finally picking up that new hobby they’ve always wanted to try. For others, it may be putting down a bad habit, or even losing a few pounds. For the Smart City Apartments team, our own resolutions all revolve around one thing:

Improving the service, we offer to guests at our five Central London apartment locations.

Building on another Memorable Year

In 2016, we were truly grateful to receive so much positive feedback from our guests. Throughout the course of the year, you told us all the things you love about our apartments; the generous space, the elegant, contemporary decor, and, of course, our complimentary Wifi.

At the same time, you also told us about the things you feel we could be doing better; the things we could improve on to add even more comfort and convenience to your stay with us. …Read More

Five Reasons Why London Self-Catering Apartments offer Better Value for Families than Hotels

Covent Garden ApartmentsSo, you’ve done all the research, you’ve planned your itinerary, and you’re almost ready to treat the kids to that once-in-lifetime family holiday in London.

Now all that’s left to do is to find somewhere to stay. Sure, you’ve looked at top London hotel accommodation, but the price alone is enough to make you seriously reconsider the whole trip.

Thankfully, there is a better option.

Self-catering apartments in Central London actually provide much better value for money on your family holiday than even the city’s most well-known budget hotel chains ever could.

Here’s just five reasons why:

Stay together in one spacious apartment

Whether your next London city break is just for you, your partner, and the children, or whether you’re bringing along the whole extended family, it goes without saying that a single, one-bed hotel room just isn’t going to cut it. …Read More

Extended Stay Serviced Apartments VS. Property Rentals in – Which is the Best Option For Your Long Term Stay in Central London

Smart City Apartments City RoadSo, the time has come when you’re really starting to think seriously about temporarily relocating to Central London. It could be that you’re moving to oversee a big business project, to be closer to a friend or loved one in their time of need, or even just to give London life a trial run before making the move permanently.

Either way, the question of where you’re going to live is likely at the forefront of your thoughts right now, and not without good reason. After all, wherever you pick is going to be your home away from home for the next few months, so naturally it pays to give it some serious thought.

It’s not just a question of location either. Perhaps more importantly, the bigger question should be what kind of accommodation you’re going to opt for. Do you go all out with hitting up the letting agents and renting your own property, or take the option picked by increasing numbers of business travellers; extended stay serviced apartments.

Can’t make your mind up? Below, we’ve weighed up all the pros and cons of both serviced apartments and property rentals to help you make that critical decision about your upcoming long term stay in Central London …Read More

5 Reasons to Have a Trial Run in a Serviced Apartment Before Relocating to London

canary wharf apartmentsAs one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in the world, London attracts scores of visitors every year. Yet as much as you may think you have a firm grasp of life in the capital after staying with us for a few days, you only need ask one of the many people who move here permanently each year that living here full time is an experience all unto itself.

Not that we think that should put you off. Whether you’ve already firmly made your mind up that you’re going to relocate to the capital, or if you’re simply giving it some thought, it might be well worth your time giving London life a proper trial run to see if it really is for you.

Need somewhere to stay while you’re doing so? Here’s just five reasons to spend some time living in a London serviced apartment before you decide to make a permanent move.

Experience a true taste of London life

Sure, you could always book a hotel for the weekend whilst out and about in the capital looking for your new ideal home, but honestly, is that really the best way to have a proper trial run …Read More

Booking Now: Luxury Serviced Apartments for Valentine’s Day 2016

Valentine’s Day 2016Love is in the air, and with just over a month to go before Valentine’s Day 2016, the hopeless romantics here at Smart City are looking forward to one of our favourite times of the year.

It’s a time when we get to welcome loved up singles from across the country for a romantic weekend in the capital, and a time when our Central London serviced apartments usually play host to at least a handful of wedding proposals.

Whether you’re planning to pop the question or simply treat that special someone to an extra special break, we’d love for you to join us, and are now offering a range of two and three room suites throughout Valentine’s weekend.

Make it a February 14th They’ll Never Forget

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, giving you the entire weekend to wine, dine and unwind in the luxurious, peaceful surroundings of our serviced apartments …Read More

Five Reasons to Stay in a Serviced Apartment When on Business in Canary Wharf

Corporate Accommodation LondonFrom shopping in Soho to taking a tourist trip around Tower Bridge, Smart City are proud to offer serviced apartments across Central London to suit any occasion.

Yet whilst every one of our luxury two and three bedroom apartment suites cater for business guests, it’s only recently that we’ve gone all out to provide the perfect corporate accommodation based in the heart of Canary Wharf.

If your 2016 plans include a business trip to London’s busiest financial district, here’s just five reasons why you’ll benefit from staying in a serviced apartment when on business in Canary Wharf.

Be Your Own Boss

You may need to answer to somebody else when you get to the office, but when you’re staying in a Smart City Canary Wharf apartment, you’re in control. Fed up of London hotels dictating what time you can check in, check out, and chow down on an evening meal …Read More

Smart City’s New Year’s’ Resolutions – Our Promises to You for 2016

New Year's' ResolutionsIt always seems to come around so quickly, doesn’t it? It seems like only five minutes ago since we were all at last year’s Christmas parties, talking merrily with friends and co-workers about our plans for the year ahead. Yet here we are already, getting set to do exactly the same thing again.

Indeed, as 2015 draws to a close, now is not only a great opportunity to reflect on the highs and lows of the year gone by, but to start thinking positively about what we’d like to achieve in 2016.

At Smart City, we’re no different. Just this past week, we all got together at our little festive and put together a list of our own New Year’s Resolutions for the coming year. Though rather than promising to lose weight or take up a new hobby, the things we’ll be focussing on in 2016 are all things that we believe will make your experience at our Central London serviced apartments all the more rewarding.

With that in mind then, allow us to present to you our list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2016 …Read More

Behind the Scenes at Smart City: A day in the life of our 24 hour support team

Smart City Serviced ApartmentsHave you ever noticed that when you’ve stayed at Smart City’s Central London serviced apartments in the past, everything seems to somehow happen by magic?

The apartments themselves are in tip top condition when you arrive, there’s fresh linen and towels available whenever you need them, and whenever there’s a problem, a member of the support team arrives so quickly you’d be forgiven for thinking they were waiting outside your apartment door the whole time.

Though we’d love to tell you all of this really does happen by magic, that we’ve somehow stolen a couple of potions from Hogwarts to make our whole 24 hour support team one of the most highly efficient and well regarded in London, that’s sadly not the case.

Early morning

The sun slowly rises over Central London, casting a gentle glow over our city centre serviced apartments where our guests sleep soundly in their big, comfortable beds …Read More

How Smart City Luxury Apartments Can Help You Reduce Your Business Expenses

Business StayLet’s face it, if your company could get away with it, there’d never be so much as a penny on the business expense account. After all, isn’t one of the key reasons they went into business in the first place to make money, rather than spend it?

Still, as with most things in life, spending money is a necessary evil in the business world, especially when there’s those big contract negotiations and networking conferences in Central London to attend to.

If you’ve ever stayed over in the capital before, you know just how expensive this can be. Factor in travel costs, accommodation and even daily subsistence allowances, and your business expense account soon takes a battering.

Not that it necessarily has to be this way. Here’s just a few ways that Smart City’s luxury apartments can help you and your company …Read More

Why London Serviced Apartments Love Your Feedback

Guest FeedbackWhether you’re staying at our luxury serviced apartments in Cannon Street, Spitalfields or at any of our other top Central London locations, your feedback -both positive and negative- can really help Smart City deliver an even better service for you and your fellow guests.

Worried about leaving us a review if you’ve spotted something we could improve on? Enjoyed your stay but haven’t thought about dropping us a line to tell us so? Trust us when we tell you, you’d be doing us a huge favour by getting in touch.

Not sure how you can help us do any even better job? Here’s just a few reasons why Smart City love your feedback on our London serviced apartments.

You Can Spot the Things we May Miss

Though we certainly spend an awful lot of time making sure that our serviced apartments in Central London are in top quality condition, we do admit that there are sometimes when we may overlook something. After all, we’re only human, and given that we do spend so much time …Read More