Behind the Scenes at Smart City: A day in the life of our 24 hour support team

Smart City Serviced ApartmentsHave you ever noticed that when you’ve stayed at Smart City’s Central London serviced apartments in the past, everything seems to somehow happen by magic?

The apartments themselves are in tip top condition when you arrive, there’s fresh linen and towels available whenever you need them, and whenever there’s a problem, a member of the support team arrives so quickly you’d be forgiven for thinking they were waiting outside your apartment door the whole time.

Though we’d love to tell you all of this really does happen by magic, that we’ve somehow stolen a couple of potions from Hogwarts to make our whole 24 hour support team one of the most highly efficient and well regarded in London, that’s sadly not the case.

Early morning

The sun slowly rises over Central London, casting a gentle glow over our city centre serviced apartments where our guests sleep soundly in their big, comfortable beds. Unbeknownst to them, it’s the end of the shift for our night time support team. Before clocking off, they welcome in those Smart City team members who’ll be on hand to take care of our guests throughout the day.

Meanwhile, our dedicated crew team are already working tirelessly to make sure the hallways, foyers and other communal spaces in each of our luxury apartment buildings are sparkling clean.

Mid morning

Smart City Apartments SpitalfieldsIt’s been a busy day already for the 24/7 support crew. One new arrival at our serviced apartments in Moorgate has been having trouble with the free WiFi, so we’ve guided him through the process of getting online. Meanwhile, another team member has dashed over to our Cannon Street building to tackle a small issue with one of our showers.

Elsewhere, the rest of the team are busy carrying out final preparations for guests arriving that afternoon in City Road, Oxford Street and Spitalfields.


As always, today’s checkins go smoothly, with a number of our team members on hand to give new arrivals the guided tour around their new luxury London central apartment and answer any questions they have.

Meanwhile, back at Smart City HQ, we’re busy manning the phones to take care of more bookings and enquiries.

Early evening

As many of our business travellers arrive back at their City Road apartment, the Smart City team are standing by. There’s a few small enquiries that we tend to quickly, but over all, it seems like we’ve done a good job today. When the phones are quiet, we know our guests have everything they need to enjoy their stay, which is always our first priority.

Now’s a good time for the night team to return, catching up their day time colleagues and going over the day’s events before getting ready for another night.

Late night

So far it’s been a smooth, easy day, helping out with small tasks and even providing advice to one guest on the best place to pick up dinner. Then the big one happens. It turns out a guest at our Moorgate serviced apartments has locked himself out! Not to panic though, luckily he had the good idea to save our 24/7 customer service phone number on his smartphone, and was able to give us a call. Our team are over there in no less than 15 minutes, and ensure he’s safely back in his apartment ready for a good night’s sleep.

A few hours later, the day team returns, and the whole process begins again.

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