5 Ways that Staying with Smart City is Like Having Your Own Second Home in London

IMG_2025When you’re visiting London on a long-term basis, whether that’s to carry out your business or simply to get away from it all and enjoy the vibrant city life for a while, the one thing you’re going to need above all else is a place to call your base for the duration of your stay.

Given the length of your visit, you may be tempted to take a peek at the London property market and take out a lease on rental accommodation. Or, if your budget won’t quite stretch that far, you may well be checking out top hotels in search of a good deal.

But did you know that there is a third option you may not have yet considered? At Smart City, our luxury serviced apartments in London Bridge, City Road, Moorgate and across the capital provide the very best home living at less than the cost of staying long-term in a hotel.

Not convinced it’s right for you? Here’s just five ways that staying with Smart City is like having your very own second home in London.

1: Come and go when you please

check-in and check-out timesIf you were originally planning to stay in a hotel, you may have already consigned yourself to the fact that your time may not always be your own.

What with set check-in and check-out times, deadlines for when you need to be down for breakfast and dinner, and even those brief moments during the morning when you’re interrupted by the housekeeping crew, staying in a hotel doesn’t exactly lend itself to a flexible schedule.

Book a serviced city apartment however, and you can do things your way. Arrive and check-in when you’re ready, head out on the day of departure when it suits you, and in between come, go, and stay whenever you like.

2: Complete independence

This flexible schedule is only one of the ways that staying with Smart City gives you the complete independence to manage your trip however you like. With a fully fitted kitchen and many of London’s leading restaurants, take-outs and eateries all within walking distance, you decide what to eat and when, and that’s just for starters.

Every decision is up to you, just as it would be if you rented a flat or house whilst in London.

3: Fully stocked kitchen and bathroom

moorgate11We’ve already mentioned the kitchen, but let’s elaborate a little. When we say fully fitted, we mean it. All of our serviced city apartments are fully equipped not only with the latest modern kitchen appliances, but all the cutlery and crockery you could need.

Head over into the bathroom, and you’ll find everything just as you’d expect it to be if you were walking into your own at home.

4: The height of home comforts

When you’re not away in London, there’s few better things in life than coming back to your own home after a long day, crashing on that comfortable sofa, putting your feet up and watching TV, and then seeing out the day by curling up in your warm, cosy bed.

At Smart City, we’ve designed each of our London apartments to provide the very best in home comforts, with soft, plush sofas, beds and fittings, your own big screen TV and even complimentary WiFi.

5: The peace and quiet you deserve with the assistance you need, only when you need it

When they first come to stay with us, many Smart City guests tell us that the one thing that surprises them the most is that, despite having the vibrant, bustling city of London just around the corner, you’d never actually know it given just how peaceful and quiet their apartment is. Indeed, we value your peace and privacy just as much as you do, so we leave you to get on with enjoying your apartment.

That is of course, unless you need our assistance with something. In that case, your dedicated 24/7 support staff are always there to help you with exactly what you need, when you need it most.

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