5 Reasons to Have a Trial Run in a Serviced Apartment Before Relocating to London

canary wharf apartmentsAs one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in the world, London attracts scores of visitors every year. Yet as much as you may think you have a firm grasp of life in the capital after staying with us for a few days, you only need ask one of the many people who move here permanently each year that living here full time is an experience all unto itself.

Not that we think that should put you off. Whether you’ve already firmly made your mind up that you’re going to relocate to the capital, or if you’re simply giving it some thought, it might be well worth your time giving London life a proper trial run to see if it really is for you.

Need somewhere to stay while you’re doing so? Here’s just five reasons to spend some time living in a London serviced apartment before you decide to make a permanent move.

Experience a true taste of London life

Sure, you could always book a hotel for the weekend whilst out and about in the capital looking for your new ideal home, but honestly, is that really the best way to have a proper trial run of London life?

Think about it, with almost everything done for you by the hotel staff, you have very few excuses to enjoy your independence and enjoy a genuine taste of life in the city. With a stay in a serviced apartment in Central London, you’ll enjoy an authentic ‘home away from home’ experience, using your apartment just as you would if you were living in London full time.

This gives you all the opportunities you need to learn about where to eat, shop, do your laundry and all those other essential tasks that make up day to day life.

Covent Garden ApartmentsReally get know your new home

With serviced apartments in Covent Garden, London Bridge, City Road, and many other prime locations, a stay at Smart City means you’re never too far away from the exact part of the capital that you’re planning to move to. This means you can quickly hop from your apartment onto the tube if you’re planning to explore the area or spend the day searching for your new dream home.

An easy commute to work and local amenities

Speaking of quickly hopping around. At Smart City, all of our London holiday apartments are ideally located within no more than a few minutes’ walk from a tube station, so if part of the reason you’re relocating is to take up a new job, then having a trial run at planning your commute is made that much easier.

Need to do a spot of shopping, hit the gym, or head out for some after-work refreshments? You’ll have all those things, and more, just a tube stop or two away.

A place to relax after a long day of house hunting

Unless this is your first time moving to a new area, you probably don’t need us to tell you how exhausting it can be.After all, choosing a new home isn’t exactly a decision you’re going to take lightly, and as such you’ll be spending plenty of time scouring neighbourhoods, looking at properties and agonising over those crucial details.

It’s tiring stuff, so when you’re done for the day, it’s nice to know that you can come back to your serviced apartment in Central London and bask in plush, comfortable surroundings; putting your feet up and watching a movie on your digital TV or unwinding with a good soak in our luxurious bathrooms.

Affordable serviced apartments across Central London

London property prices are renowned as some of the most expensive in the entire United Kingdom, so if you are planning a permanent relocation, you’ll naturally be looking to save as much money as possible before you do so.

The good news, is that with a stay in a Central London apartment with Smart City, you can carry out your trial run and enjoy all the aforementioned benefits at rates you can truly afford; giving you a true London experience without true London costs.

To find out more, book your Smart City apartment online today or give us a call on 020 7952 6088

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